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"I can't see a way through," said the boy.
"Can you see your next step?"
"Just take that," said the horse.

  ~ Charlie Mackesy

Ruth Belfield

I'm a qualified, trained and registered BACP Counsellor - which means that I work with and adhere to BACP's ethical framework of confidentiality. 

I've been helping clients for many years, working through difficult and troubling circumstances, and finding solutions so they can live a better life.

I work with adults of all ages and diverse backgrounds, which has given me a wealth of experience.

I use my person-centred skills and careful listening for each individual's needs, with a non-judgmental perspective to help promote healing and change.

About me

Better Life Online Counselling is
I am experiencing sleeplessness and worrying a lot
I am feeling low and uncertain
I am struggling to make a personal adjustment in my career
I am dealing with difficult personal relationships
I am struggling to cope with loss and grief
I am feeling anxious and stressed

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Relationship Issues



I can help you with

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Anger Management

Low self-esteem


Recent research outcomes for online therapy acknowledges and concludes that it can be just as effective and have more benefits compared to in-person counselling.

Often you have to wait for months to receive counselling. At Better Life Online Counselling, I aim to make sessions available when you need them without a long waiting list.





I understand the time pressures of work, family and everyday life, which is why I am flexible. You determine when the sessions suit you and I will plan them in at your convenience. 

I have positioned myself to offer competitive rates to make it accessible to people.  Due to it being online you don't incur any travel costs but can stay in the comfort of your own space to receive the support that you need.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then please contact me so I can help you.



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Comments from Clients

"Better Life Online Counselling helped me by listening to my problem and giving me a process that I was able to use in my day to day life."



Trusting someone with your personal and private situation is a big step to take, but I provide professional, confidential online therapy to support you from the safety and comfort of your own private space.

Better Life

Online Counselling

"I was suffering with deep anxiety not able to live a normal life but Better Life Online Counselling were able to give me hope and after a few sessions I could see myself in a different light."


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