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Anger Managment

Anger is an intense emotion. 

It is often described as the ‘red mist’, and left uncontrolled it can damage your relationships and affect your life and health. 

Raised blood pressure is one of the consequences of anger, and this can lead to the possibility of experiencing a stroke or heart attack. 

Anger can colour your perspective of being able to accurately evaluate a situation rationally. 

If you suppress it, it can become an unhealthy poison within you, waiting for release to be vented upon an unsuspecting individual. 

Left uncontrolled and un-confronted, it can become aggressive in nature, leaving a trail of catastrophe and irreparable damage to those affected.  

The positive outlook is that anger can be managed when the relevant ‘triggers’ are identified and confronted. 

There may be a pattern that exists that has not been realised, that ignites your temper - and by talking openly and calmly with your counsellor, this will help you to become self-aware and equipped to become more self-controlled when experiencing these inflamed situations. 

This will enable you to make positive changes to your reactions by taking time and trusting the process.

Don't get angry; get in contact and let me help you.