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Coping with bereavement has long been thought of as one of life's most stressful events, and the experiences we may feel are of shock, numbness, anger, guilt, and possibly relief, depending upon the circumstances. 

These can be difficult to navigate alone. 

Loss embraces many situations; it can be the personal bereavement of a loved one, loss or breakdown of a relationship, redundancy, bankruptcy and loss of health and wellbeing through illness. 

Acknowledging loss is part of the process of how we lead and live our lives and the feelings that surround us. It can often take a considerable amount of time to overcome and work through. 

There are five identified stages to the grieving process and it is important that you make the time and space to work through each stage carefully with the personal support of your counsellor. 

Grief is experienced differently by everyone. It can leave a huge void in a person's life that may seem impossible to fill. 

However, as each day passes, the fragility of pain that you are feeling now will eventually ease as you learn to build and restore your life through the loss. 

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