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Clients' Stories

I love receiving success stories and testimonials from clients.

Obviously, each one is treated with total confidence.

These testimonials have been written by clients who also gave me permission to share them on the website.

I've withheld names for privacy. 


"Finding myself incapable to work as a medical professional after being involved in a personal situation was very difficult.  Working with Ruth one to one helped me restore my self-confidence and belief in my ability and achievements enabling me to get on with my life again."


"Ruth’s calm and relaxed manner help me work through a family problem that had really caused me to suffer with anxiety.  Her careful listening and helpful processes and her picking up key issues that were personal to me helped me get through my difficulties and find a resolution."


"Overwhelmed with stress and pressures by our family business Ruth helped me to find a way of coping, she carefully listened and helped me to recognise the importance of needing to care for myself through troubling times and to not take on more work than I can cope with."


"Post-natal depression left me feeling hopeless.  Having a newborn baby was harder than I had expected, I felt a failure.  Ruth led me slowly and carefully through the process of counselling helping me to restore my self-esteem and belief in me as a new mum.  I’m a different person now!"


"I was experiencing a troubling time in my relationship with my partner, we had hit a wall and there seemed to be no way around it.  Working one to one with Ruth enabled me to talk through openly about everything that was of concern to me.  I realised there is no perfect relationship, and there is no perfect person, I was striving for something that wasn’t attainable."



Throughout the 6 sessions Ruth was very consistent in listening and gave me time to talk and reflect. I never felt under pressure. I valued the times of reflection back to me which were accurate and to the point without being judgemental. Counselling was a new experience for me but I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunity to talk through issues  which can occur anytime in life, with someone who is trained. I am pleased Ruth was recommended to me.