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It is interesting as I read the daily news, that more studies are finding that our mental wellbeing greatly benefits from spending time taking exercise and being in the natural environment.


I myself love being outdoors, and after reading some of these research studies I have been keen to take an interest in what I see when I go for walks.  I  walk most days and have observed from late January when the snow drops emerge, right through to the bright spring flowers dotted on a sparse landscape how much better they make me feel.  They bring a sign of hope that longer, better and warmer days are ahead and that change will happen.


For people who are unwell at this moment in time, the cold, hard, derelict landscape of winter may have helped identify with how you are personally feeling, but the natural beauty of  spring flowers  portray that hopeful days are ahead.  It’s important to realise that you won’t always be feeling like you are at this moment in time. You will get well again.  As I walk past simple gardens, I note that  someone has taken the time and effort to prepare the ground in anticipation for the next seasons growth, they have made something lovely for people to walk past and enjoy!


It caused me to think how much ‘self care’ is important.  Committing to spend a little time each day being kind to yourself, nourishing yourself, and taking time out to rest and relax doing something that brings comfort and pleasure is so vitally important to keeping yourself well.  There must be days, when for some, it is difficult to get out of bed, but realising how important it is to take each day as it comes, taking a small step of doing something positive will only help you towards getting better.   A step outside into the garden, a short stroll down the road, a sit on the park bench or beside a river watching wildlife is restful and therapeutic.


At the moment it may be too difficult to go into a store and talk with someone, it maybe too chaotic and noisy, an ordeal in fact, but the outdoors, nature, a walk, demands nothing of you, in fact I have found that it ‘gives’ to you without asking anything in return.  Take this gift of nature, replace it for your anger, stress, anxiety and find peace, tranquility and calmness little by little each day.  If you don’t look after yourself, who will?


Try it out for a few days, add it to your daily rhythm and notice the effects on your mental wellbeing.

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15 April 2021
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